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The Remains (2016) was written, directed and edited by Thomas Della Bella as his feature directorial debut, based off his short film Open House. Eric B. Fleischman and Sean Tabibian’s  genre label Diablo Entertainment has produced and financed.  


The film stars (All Cheerleaders Die's) Brooke Butler and (True Blood‘s) Todd Lowe.


The film follows Lowe, a recently widowed father, who moves his family into an old Victorian home to start a new life but soon discovers a malevolent spirit awaiting their arrival with the intent of possessing his children. Ashley Crow (Heroes) and Samuel Larson (Glee)  also star in the film.


The film was acquired by Vertical Entertainment and released worldwide in theatres and on VOD August 5, 2016.  

The Remains spent it's first three weeks as the #1 download on iTunes horror.

The DVD is now available at many retailers, STARZ, all VOD platforms and REDBOX.

The Remains - iTunes



The official trailer for The Remains (2016)


Open House (2013) was written, directed, edited and produced by Thomas Della Bella.  


Open House is a short haunted house horror film with an unexpected twist.  We follow John and his two kids Victoria and Aiden after they move into a new house.  John's wife has recently passed away and he thought that moving into a new home would help the kids cope. After a short time in the house, Aiden and Victoria find a chest in the attic while playing hide and seek. They discover a bunch of items that belonged to the people who used to live there and things start to spiral out of control. 


The film stars John Wyatt (As John), Aishling Doherty (As Victoria), and Nicholas Neve (As Aiden.)  The film was shot by Derrick Sims an award winning cinematographer and features a score from Darius Holbert (Hobo With A Shotgun.)



The official trailer for Open House (2013)

Available through ShortsHD

Distance is Closure, Kid Music Video This music video was created by Thomas  for a local Los Angeles rock band named Stand As Giants.  Soon after the video was released the unsigned band gained attention by many independent record labels.  The video was directed, edited and produced by Thomas Della Bella.  

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